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Travelers on zodiacs in Antarctica exploring the striking landscape.

Let the planet astound you.

And our expertise reassure you.

[Our Philosophy]   We are not just a travel company; we are curators of extraordinary experiences designed for photographers and enthusiasts of the art of capturing moments. Our mission is to create powerful travel experiences that awaken your sense of wonder, foster a profound sense of interconnectedness with the world, ignite a vibrant spark of life within you, and inspire your artistic soul.

[Our Trips]   At Open Sky Expeditions, our Photo Journeys are meticulously designed by passionate, detail-oriented, and seasoned explorers and photographers who share your dedication to the craft. We offer experiences across the globe, to destinations we find most compelling. Join us as we venture beyond the horizon, where the open sky is not just a canvas but a boundless source of inspiration.

[Our Commitment]   Our team has collectively explored 150+ countries, and has decades of professional experience in global travel. Attention to detail is our forte, ensuring you enjoy a fully immersive experience, free from logistical distractions. Our top-notch local guides and travel partners, along with our unwavering support throughout the trip planning process, guarantee an unforgettable journey.

Featured 2024 Photo Expeditions


ANTARCTICA Fly + Cruise  |  December 11 - 18, 2024

Fly over the Drake Passage and explore the astounding 7th continent with the best expedition team in Antarctica.  Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and among spectacular icebergs, while enjoying the company of seabirds, penguins, seals and whales. Each day, disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides. On board the ship, attend an engaging program of lectures and presentations, and enjoy spectacular views from the lounge while sharing your daily adventures with fellow guests. 

ALASKA  |  August 12-20, 2024  

Embark on an extraordinary photographic journey to Alaska, the last wild frontier, where untamed beauty and pristine landscapes await. Our exclusive voyage ventures beyond the usual tourist paths, deep into the heart of Katmai National Park, accessible only by ship and float plane. Guided by our expert team, including a Bear Guide, ship's crew, and Photo Pro/Tour Manager, you'll forge intimate connections with the region's incredible wildlife in a place where human interference is nearly non-existent. 


PERU  |  September 12-20, 2024 

Experience iconic Machu Picchu, its visually astounding and mysterious dwellings, terraces, and mountain tops at sunrise and sunset. Visit the archeological site of Moray, with its striking concentric circles and fascinating Incan history , and explore the photogenic hillside salt pools in Mara. Meet and photograph a local farming community living high in the Andes, learning how to make a traditional meal featuring indigenous crops and spices.  Stroll the ancient streets of Ollantaytambo, a town and an archaeological site in the Sacred Valley. Explore all of these sites alongside Alvin, our incredible local guide who offers curiosity insight, encyclopedic knowledge, and colorful storytelling throughout the experience.

FALKLANDS & SOUTH GEORGIA  |  October 9-25, 2024 

Falklands & South Georgia—two incredible island groups that are veritable Shangri-La’s for wildlife in the South Atlantic, only visited by an extremely privileged few on this planet. We've partnered with Antarctica21 to offer a truly unforgettable ship-board photographic experience to this remote region of the planet. With the most impressive expedition ship we know, at an ideal time of year, for less than half of the price of most trips that include South Georgia...this is an opportunity not to miss!


SOUTH INDIA  |  February  4-19, 2025 

Our South India trip, led by award-winning photographer David H. Wells, explores serene regions across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Capture stunning moments from Bangalore's KR Market to the Hoysala temples and Mysore Palace. Unique experiences include the Theyyam ritual, Kathakali dance preparation, and a cruise through Kerala's Backwaters. Optional pre-trip extensions to the Taj Mahal and the River Ganges in Varanasi are also available.


Unlock your creativity in the most awe-inspiring corners of our planet. 

Our Photo Journeys

We offer a collection of  photography-focused international journeys that stand on their own as immersive, thought-provoking, awe-inducing ways of encountering a place. They are carefully crafted to provide the perfect blend of timing, pacing, and diverse experiences for photographers. Whether you're a seasoned photographer, or just learning the ropes, each of our Photo Journeys is designed to suit any  skill level, with professional instruction to further elevate your shots.  Each Photo Journey includes:

Professional Photo Instructors

Each Photo Journey features a seasoned professional photographer, with experience as an instructor, ready to guide you on your journey to capturing stunning moments and mastering your technical camera skills both in the field and during post-production workshops.

Expert Trip Leader

Experience seamless travel with our professional tour leader who  possesses extensive logistics expertise. Your journey's transportation, lodging, meals, and more will be guided by a travel expert, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable exploration of your destination.

Top Local Guide

Our trips are led by local guides with encyclopedic knowledge of their home countries. These passionate experts become your personal portals to a place, offering immersive insights, untold stories, and a genuine connection to the culture. Experience travel at its most authentic.

Intimacy as a Guiding Principle

We organize trips with small groups ranging from 6 to 12 participants, allowing us to foster a sense of interconnectedness among travelers and our shared passion for photography.  This is a guiding principle in the selection of hotels, restaurants, and experiences.

Extensive Pre-Trip Scouting

Each destination, experience, and partnership we offer has been carefully scouted in-person by the Open Sky team with remarkable attention to detail. We are prepared to present exceptionally unique photographic opportunities, while keeping your safety as a top priority. 

Thorough Pre-Trip Prep

Each journey includes a private trip portal for registered travelers, pre-departure trip briefings, and industry partners to easily obtain insurance & flights. Personnel from our team are intimately familiar with each trip offering, and are prepared to help with any questions or concerns. 


Our Travel Experts

Our team embodies a wealth of collective travel experience, having explored over 150 countries and guided hundreds of discerning travelers through 60+ diverse destinations. Our background and expertise spans from high-end educational travel and luxury tourism, to photojournalism, outdoor adventure, and astrophotography. What unites us is our unwavering commitment to curate experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the rare, magical, and fascinating aspects of each location. We are dedicated to bringing you and your camera closer to the extraordinary essence of every place we visit.


Words From Our Travelers

“Alex and Open Sky Expeditions have created a new level of first class travel and client responsiveness. Our Moroccan adventure had an exceptional itinerary which Alex enhanced throughout by adding opportunities responsive to our interests.  After thirty years of international travel we have found the organization we will call first to complete our bucket list, Open Sky Expeditions. Great destinations, itineraries, exceptional guides with personal input and attentiveness throughout. Exceptional door to door experience!”

 - Don, Morocco Traveler

“Travel companies make itineraries and reservations. Open Sky makes magic! Thanks for a FANTASTIC trip!”

- Carol , Morocco Traveler

“Having had the pleasure of working with Alex Ros for a number of years, I gained great respect for his innovative thinking, vast destination knowledge, and passion for what he does. One of the most well traveled individuals I know, Alex works tirelessly with painstaking attention to detail to create the best possible experience for his customers."

- Diane, Travel Dynamics International

“It was a perfect trip; absolutely the best we've ever taken!”

- Maria, Chile Traveler

“You guys are great - so organized and helpful…everyone at Open Sky made this a seamless journey. I had never used a tour company before…I think the level of detail and care allowed me to focus on photography and trust the rest would be handled. Loved it - would highly recommend you and would go anywhere with Temu.”

-Vicky, India Traveler

“Keep up the good work! Thanks for providing me with yet another once-in-lifetime wonderful travel adventure. Namibia is simply one of the most amazing places on earth, mind blowing scenery, the most outstanding night skies in the world, and people with a welcoming warmth. Animals and birds were breathtaking in variety and abundance. But what made the trip stellar was Temu and Open Sky.”

-Hal, Namibia Traveler

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