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Open Sky offers:

  1. Bullet  Creative itineraries to extraordinary places with an emphasis on in-depth exploration.

  2. Bullet  A broad understanding of the particular requirements of luxury travel.

  3. Bullet  Personalized attention by professionals fully committed to quality and success.

  4. Bullet  A wealth of trusted contacts throughout four continents.

Most travel companies offer customized tours as an add-on service; the person assigned to your project may not know the destination first-hand and yours is just one of many tours they are handling. At Open Sky, we intentionally keep the number of clients low in order to provide the highest level of service and give careful attention to each and every traveler we service.  We know every destination through direct personal experience. 

Your trip is our focus and we have the experience needed to deliver top quality service. Rather than cursory promises in pretty travel brochures, we know that outstanding execution and seamless logistics are what matter most.  

Exceptional and stimulating activities are a distinctive element of our journeys -- candle-lit dinners in the desert, private concerts at a historic church, access to sites off hours, or special gatherings with local artists and musicians, community leaders, and scholars -- all are chosen with ingenuity to make for one-of-a-kind occasions.  We select for you only the best accommodations and exceptional cuisine, prioritize your safety and comfort, and deliver exceptional opportunities for exploration and inspiration. 

Moreover, we understand how even a fantastic itinerary with all the above elements will disappoint if, for example, a guide is mediocre or you don’t have enough cold bottled water on a hot summer day. At Open Sky, we know which details matter most when an itinerary translates from paper to actuality. We take the time, even when most would simply trust their providers, to absolutely make sure these details have been attended to. Our itineraries are painstakingly reviewed and we carefully anticipate and plan for every step of every day.