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“Travel companies make itineraries and reservations. Open Sky makes magic! Thanks for a FANTASTIC trip!”

  Carol T., on her trip “Morocco: A Visual Feast | Photography Retreat & Expedition to the Sahara”

“Keep up the good work! Thanks for providing me with yet another once-in-lifetime wonderful travel adventure. Namibia is simply one of the most amazing places on earth, mind blowing scenery, the most outstanding night skies in the world, and people with a welcoming warmth. Animals and birds were breath taking is variety and abundance. But what made the trip stellar was Temu and Open Sky.”

  Hal M.., on our photography trip to Namibia.

"You guys are simply the BEST. Thank you for an amazing, one-of- a-kind, never-to-be-forgotten, awesome, experience." – Sally S.

  Sally S., on our photography trip to Morocco.

“Our trip to Morocco was absolutely flawless. Moulay was a delight, and so interesting and informative. He really let us into the Muslim world. Temu kept everything so organized, and running smoothly. He was also funny, and charming. Morocco was a very Magical and visual place, especially for photographers. David was excellent, and even the best of us all learned from him.” 

  Tom L., on our photography trip to Morocco.

“India was fabulous, exceeded all expectations! Definitely the experience of lifetime!  Thanks to you and Temu for organizing this wonderful tour. Our guides and driver all worked very hard and the whole trip was seamless!” 

  Li C., on her photography expedition in India.

“Alex: We had a fascinating time in Cuba...but A&K didn’t come close to you!  We’re very much looking forward to our Brazil trip next year!” 

  Vicki B., on her upcoming Brazil trip, after travels in Morocco & Sicily with Open Sky.

“Having had the pleasure of working with Alex Ros for a number of years, I gained great respect for his innovative thinking, vast destination knowledge, and passion for what he does. One of the most well traveled individuals I know, Alex works tirelessly with painstaking attention to detail to create the best possible experience for his customers.  Expert in worldwide destinations, he excels at scouting out parts of the globe virtually new to tourism. He created and successfully operated unique cultural and wildlife itineraries to destinations in West Africa, unfamiliar to even the most experienced travelers. His experience in the field has afforded him the ability to troubleshoot and deal with any situation that presents itself in a most professional and calm manner. I would be completely at ease to travel with Alex in the knowledge that every detail has been considered and planned out completely.”      

   Diane B., Director of Travel Services at Travel Dynamics International

“Alex Ros is extraordinarily well qualified to organize and lead the most interesting, exciting and enjoyable expeditions. He has a tremendous body of knowledge and he draws from a wealth of personal travel experiences – add to that a gift for languages, a practical mind and a great sense of humor- and you have the ingredients for a terrific trip.”

    Kate M., traveled with Alex in the Mediterranean.

"Imagine pointing to the pictures of places you have always wanted to visit or experiences you have wanted to have, sending them to Open Sky Expeditions, and having a customized, professional trip developed for you and your loved one? I was blown away by how attuned Alex was to our goals and desires (my itinerary included a few bucket list items such as sleeping out in the Sahara Desert tucked in between the sand dunes, under the milky way with shooting stars with 5-star, eco-friendly accommodations). He made it happen with professionalism and a wealth of contacts and local providers who treated us like family. It was clear his local knowledge, wealth of travel experience and quality of relationships with providers made him indispensable in planning out our complex, unique tours across multiple countries."

  Alfa D., traveled on an Open Sky customized journey to three countries in the Mediterranean & North Africa

“You guys are great - so organized and helpful…everyone at Open Sky made this a seamless journey. I had never used a tour company before…I think the level of detail and care allowed me to focus on photography and trust the rest would be handled. Loved it - would highly recommend you and would go anywhere with Temu.”

  Vicki S.., on our photography trip to South India

““This is so magical.” I wonder how many times I heard that spoken on our trip in Greece?  As much as I want to believe there is magic in this world, I know that’s not what it was. I know it was Alex. Behind the scenes. Prepping this. Scouting that. Making everything just so. Alex, exhaustively and intentionally thinking through each moment. A hundred conversations and decisions and details. So that we might—sipping our crisp wine, just right with the grilled octopus, that perfect tinkling sound of friends and laughter and forks on plates mingling with the soft splash of waves so close to our feet and the torches giving everything that glow—lean back and sigh over it all, “This night is magic, isn’t it?” And, of course, it was.”

  Roxy S., on an exclusive private gathering in Greece

“It was a perfect trip; absolutely the best we've ever taken!”

  Maria P., seasoned world traveler (multiple trips with Tauck, A&K and others) on Best of Chile tour

  (and later continued to travel with Open Sky in Morocco, Sicily, Brazil and Bhutan)

“Alex and Open Sky Expeditions have created a new level of first class travel and client responsiveness. Our Moroccan adventure had an exceptional itinerary which Alex enhanced throughout by adding opportunities responsive to our interests.  After thirty years of international travel we have found the organization we will call first to complete our bucket list, Open Sky Expeditions. Great destinations, itineraries, exceptional guides with personal input and attentiveness throughout. Exceptional door to door experience!”

   Don W., traveled on our Majestic Morocco tour

“Dear Alex -- You did it again! After our great Chile experience, Morocco also exceeded expectations and the promises made in your marketing materials. Certainly the destination’s color and exotic charm helped make it memorable. Those same qualities, however, could have gotten in the way of quality and comfort, but Open Sky’s planning and execution made sure they didn’t. We look forward to another memorable experience, but I warn you that this one will be hard to beat.”

   Manny P., on the Majestic Morocco tour (also traveled on Best of Chile -- see letter here)

“Dear Alex – I’m not absolutely sure but I have a hunch that you were behind my terrific trip.  I feel like you gave me a push and I glided from Cape Town to Gibraltar. For me the trip was seamless – no small achievement.  I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into making it wonderfully fabulous. As I told you, I’d travel under your guidance anywhere.”

    Nancy W., traveler on a 5-week long journey Alex put together and led along the west coast of Africa to 15 countries

“My wife and I recently worked with Open Sky Expeditions to plan our four-week trip to Greece, Egypt, and Spain. I could not have made a better decision! I whole-heartedly recommend Open Sky Expeditions.”

    Alex F., COO of Rising Tide Capital

"Alex is the person I'd want to travel with (and have) to the far reaches of the world. He has the details impeccably planned, incorporates his sophisticated taste in music, art and food, usually speaks the local language and also takes fantastic photos. Not to mention, he's a truly dedicated and passionate guy who lives for fun, travel and adventure. His knowledge and experience of the world are definitely beyond his years."

    Nicole C., Tour Manager, worked with Alex in the field leading tours, and also led numerous tours he organized

And many more testimonials...