Do I need to be an experienced photographer to participate?

No.  The trip is intentionally structured to accommodate travelers with varying levels of photography experience.  Beginners are welcome.  The only requirement is that you bring a camera with adjustable settings (a DSLR would be ideal, but anything more than a point-and-shoot camera only capable of automatic mode will do).

I am an experienced photographer; will beginners “cramp my style”?

They certainly won’t.  The group is small enough that you will have plenty of one-on-one time with our instructor, David Wells.  Moreover, prior to departure we’ll send out a questionnaire asking everyone about their prior photography experience and what they are looking to get out of the trip.  This will factor into the final stages of planning and we’ll make sure to attend to everyone’s needs. 

- Composition

- Stopping action vs showing motion

- Framing and scaling

- Portraying people

- Being in the right place at the right time

- Varying the time of day

  1. -Understanding light

- The traveling photographer's camera and bag

- Basics of flash

- Panning

What’s included in the price?

You can read the full list of inclusions here.  As you will note, they include more than your standard tour. For instance, aside from our deluxe boutique accommodations, we make sure to cover all tips to local staff, saving you a hassle that would otherwise come up regularly in Morocco.  You’ll have not only an award-winning photography instructor, but also a tour leader/photographer (Temu Nana) and a superb local guide. We send you comprehensive Pre-Departure Information, your own personalized Moleskine notebook, and we take care of details like complimentary water bottles on the bus, and so on... We believe this thoughtful and comprehensive approach allows you to truly focus on what you came for: to discover this amazing country and become an even better photographer while doing so.

Do I need a visa to go to Morocco?  Is is safe there?

No, Americans or EU citizens do not need a visa to go to Morocco, and yes, it is safe.  (In relative terms, compared to the rest of North Africa and the Middle East, it is very safe!)  Morocco’s young and progressive king responded judiciously to largely peaceful demonstrations in 2011 during the height of the Arab Spring and has arguably emerged with even stronger domestic support.  While Morocco remains a complex country with unique issues to work through, it is undeniably the most stable in the region.  Its brand of Islam is also one of the least restrictive, especially in the cities, and Moroccans are very friendly.  For example, it usually doesn’t take long before a local reminds Americans with pride that Morocco was the first country to formally recognize U.S. independence in 1777. 

  1. -Night photography & light painting

  2. -Thoughts on tripods

- Using the appropriate lens

- Using a camera on manual mode: working with Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc.

Is this a tour?  A photography workshop?  What is it?

Well, it is more a hybrid of the two--a combined tour & photo workshop.  We have taken what would on its own be an amazing tour and carefully structured it with photography in mind.  Dedicated instruction/review time, best times of day & sufficient time for photography in each place, tour content in each location, etc., have all been thoughtfully taken into consideration.  Both the instructor David Wells and OSE’s Temu Nana, a photographer himself, will be on hand throughout the tour, and our excellent local Moroccan guide Moulay will also join us for all sightseeing. 

What photography topics will be covered? 

Making exceptional travel photographs requires skills in many different types of photography, from street photography to still-life work to portraits.  In a typical day of travel, a photographer may shoot busy markets, quiet buildings, open landscapes, or close-up nature.  The best travel photographers are versatile in their skills and fluid in their process, using minimal gear to achieve maximum results.  In this tour, David plans to explore the following topics needed for good travel photography:

What’s the weather like in Morocco on the tour dates? 

At that time of year, the weather is usually ideal.  Temperature-wise, it is very comfortable. While summers can be oppressively hot and winters can get quite cold at night, our itinerary averages highs in the low 70’s and lows in the low 50’s °F. Precipitation-wise, light rain is a slight possibility in or west of the Atlas Mountains this time of year, but it is still infrequent and less probable than in winter. In the Sahara, precipitation is very rare in November, and the risk of sandstorms is also much lower than in spring. 

Have you run this specific tour before and, if so, what feedback do you have from past travelers?

We have run our Morocco photography tour 11 times already and the reviews have been excellent. David took the reins 7 years ago as our photography instructor, and it was a perfect match!  In addition to this tour, Open Sky has also run many others successful travel programs to Morocco, and in 2012 Open Sky’s owner alone spent four months in the country to become a true expert. Senior Tour Leader Temu Nana also returns for a seventh consecutive year in Morocco on this trip. We know Morocco intimately, have personally vetted every single place we will go to and have thought very carefully about how to structure the best experience possible on this tour.

This all sounds great!  How can I join?

First, we recommend that you call Open Sky at 800.978.8890 or email us at to ensure there is still space on the trip. If there is, you can fill out a Registration Form here.  A deposit of $900 per person will be required to save your spot. 

Enjoying time with a Berber family after an intimate lunch in their home.

Capturing the smoky, moody atmosphere in Marrakech’s epic central square.

Learning how to pan on the streets of Marrakech.

Light painting in our private camp in the Sahara.

Avoid the impersonal, inauthentic big-group restaurants 99% of tour operators will take you to.  Morocco is a feast for all the senses, and a classy, refined dining experience makes a huge difference!  We have carefully chosen every restaurant and have specifically avoided big tourist traps. The food is delightful.

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