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Region: North Africa | Special Interest: Photography | Length: 12 day tour/workshop + choice of extensions

We also offer CUSTOMIZED TOURS FOR SMALL GROUPS of six or more, & CURATED PRIVATE GATHERINGS for 15 or more, with handcrafted itineraries & experiences suited to your specific interests. Destinations throughout Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Americas & Asia are available. Request a complimentary initial consultation at info@openskyexpeditions.com or 1.800.978.8890.

Recent examples in 2015 & 2016, most privately led by OSE owner Alex Ros:

Region: Mediterranean | Special Interest: Photography + General (History/Culture/Cuisine) | Length: 11 day tour

Region: South America | Special Interest: Photography | Length: 12-day tour + 5-day optional extension

Region: South Asia | Special Interest: Photography | Length: 15 day tour/workshop

Region: Caribbean | Special Interest: Music & Dance | Length: 4 day tour + 3-day optional extension

Region: Scandinavia | Special Interest: Photography | Length: 10-day tour/workshop

Region: Southern Africa | Special Interest (Photography) | Length: 14 day tour

Region: South America | Special Interest: Sky Collection, Photography | Length: Various options