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Our customization process consists of several successive steps during which your feedback is prioritized at all times:

  1. 1.We first offer you a complimentary consultation to broadly discuss tour possibilities with you.

  2. 2.You fill out a detailed questionnaire on your travel preferences, so that we can better establish exactly what will suit you.

  3. 3.During a second more in-depth consultation (preferably in person, otherwise on the phone) we'll discuss tour options more concretely for you, having carefully considered your preferences as stated in the questionnaire.

  4. 4.Following a small engagement fee (which is later applied to the cost of your tour), we'll get down to the nitty gritty of planning all the details of your tour -- eventually presenting you with a detailed proposal itinerary, cost estimate.  Interested parties may also receive a personalized tour website

  5. 5.With your feedback, we will tweak that itinerary for you -- ultimately resulting in your final itinerary once you are satisfied.

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